Team Costs

What A Mission Team Costs

The Team Fee for an 8 day team is $600. The Team Fee for a 4 day team is $300. The Team Fee covers your meals and stay at the mission campus, ground transportation to the projects sites, and the general operating expenses of the mission team.

When your application has been approved, we will send you additional information to review. You should pay your team fee one month before the mission team is scheduled to arrive in Haiti.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is required for all team members. It is not included in your team fee. You will need to use the insurance through Gallagher Charitable International Service. The link is provided as you sign up for the team. The coverage includes 24 hour medical assistance for accidents and sickness, medical expenses, emergency medical transportation to the United States from Haiti, and property loss or damage to your luggage.

Be sure to buy insurance for the total amount of days you will be in Haiti including the day you arrive and the day you return back home. The cost for travel insurance is $4.40 per day.

You will receive a copy of your policy by email. Mission To Haiti will need a copy of your trip policy in case we need to contact the insurance company on your behalf.

Other Expenses Not Included In Your Team Fee

  • Round-trip Airfare to Haiti     – varies
  • One or two meals in town     – $15 – $25
  • Entrance tax into Haiti           –  $10
  • Team projects                         – as needed
  • Special needs                          – as needed

Please let us know if we can help you complete your mission team registration. We look forward to having you serve with us in Haiti.

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