Sponsor a child and equip them
to change Haiti for Christ!​

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 1:4

Monthly sponsorship is $45. Christian education, nutrition and health care will help your child grow in mind, body and spirit. Most importantly, your child will hear the Gospel and have the opportunity to accept Jesus. Our vision is to equip Haitians to change Haiti for Christ.

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Born: 1/26/2010

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Born: 12/13/2010


Peterson S.

Born: 12/23/2009



Born: 11/8/2005

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Born: 9/4/2011



Born: 5/21/2011

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Born: 10/12/2017

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Born: 9/16/2009

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Born: 7/30/2015

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Born: 7/24/2017



Born: 4/4/2014



Born: 11/27/2016



Born: 10/20/2019


Rose Marie

Born: 6/27/2003

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Born: 1/2/2004

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Born: 6/8/2018



Born: 1/25/2020

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Peterson P.

Born: 4/25/2014

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Born: 9/19/2009

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Born: 3/7/2013

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Born: 12/23/2017

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John Kerry

Born: 1/25/2014

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Born: 4/29/2018



Born: 9/6/2010

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MTH’s Sponsorship Program began around 1984. Mr. Lewis was a father in the Cazeau community. He approached Bill Sr. and asked him for help. Mr. Lewis was blind and could not afford to send his daughter Breda to school. When Bill Sr. returned to Miami, Mr. McQueen who was a janitor in the local elementary school approached Bill Sr. He said, “My wife and I would like to help a Haitian child. What would you suggest?” Mr. and Mrs. McQueen began sponsoring Breda Lewis. They became our first sponsors and sponsored child.

Most evangelical churches in Haiti start schools. The reason is to provide an education for children in locations where there is no opportunity. They also use it as a means to reach children and families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Many of these schools will close after a few years because they cannot afford to remain open. Most families in Haiti cannot afford to pay the tuition necessary to provide teacher salaries, materials, supplies and other services necessary for the schools to function properly. Sponsorship provides the means for schools to remain open and to grow. 

Mission To Haiti’s sponsors provide the funds for children to receive an education so that our Christian schools can continue. 

Your monthly support of $45 provides the basics of what your child needs to attend school. It provides a Bible-based education, meals at school and access to medical care. Beyond that, a sponsor can provide school supplies, uniforms, and text books as well as special gifts for the family. 

We also sponsor young people at two Vocational schools. They teach sewing, cooking, plumbing, electrical and other skills. The three-year courses provide the knowledge and skills graduates need to find jobs, provide for their families and be a witness for the Gospel in the Haitian workplace.

Our sponsored schools begin at Preschool 1 (K-3) and continue through 6th grade, 9th grade or up to 13th grade. Your child will not age-out of the program. They will continue to be in our program as long as they are sponsored and actively attending our sponsored schools.

Your child receives high protein meals at school. Beans and rice, vegetables, different kinds of meat and similar meals will be prepared. At our schools, sponsored and non-sponsored children eat the meals. The more children we have sponsored at each school, the more food we can provide.

Our clinic nurse and staff visit the schools on a regular basis to provide wellness checks and treat ailments children may have. Each week, our doctors work from our campus clinic to examine and treat the children with more serious ailments. If your child needs to go to the hospital, our clinic staff will bring them for further treatment.

Children need your help. Call us today at (305) 823-7516