Mission Statement

equipping Haitians through Christian education, nutrition and health care

Mission To Haiti’s focus is Christian based education and training. Children and young people to receive a Christian education, vocational training meals at school and health care through the campus medical clinic. These ministries improve the lives of the Haitians we serve and present the Gospel to those who need to be born again. The goal is to see children and young people receive Christ as their Lord and Savior and become leaders for positive change in Haiti. 

Haiti will be changed by Haitians. When you sponsor a boy or girl through the Child Sponsorship Program, you become a part of the solution for Haiti. Your faithful prayers and support impact the life of your child and their family in many ways. With your help, Haiti will be transformed one child at a time.

Our Vision: To Equip Haitians to Change Haiti for Christ.

Children need your help. Call us today at (305) 823-7516