Equipping Haitians through Christian
education, nutrition, and health care

You Can help A Needy Child

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Shine the Light

Through the ministry of the Lestere church and school, families who were practicing voodoo dropped from 60 percent to 40 percent. Expanding the meals and school program will draw
more children into the schools to receive a Christian education and hear the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. An offering of $150 will feed 15 children for a month. An offering of $620 will pay a teacher’s salary for year. They need your help!

Sponsorship Partners

Chelsea Nealey oversees our Sponsorship Program. She works with our partners in Haiti to collect updates and follow the progress of the sponsored children. She also works in our Stateside office to process updates and keep the sponsors connected with their children. Chelsea is ready to answer your Sponsorship questions. Email her at cnealey@missiontohaiti.org or call her at (305) 456-7777

Food for Families

We give food to families who are struggling to survive. The packages of rice and beans we give provide a family with food for a week or more. We buy the food in Haiti so that everyone benefits. In 2020, we gave over 90,000 pounds of food to families so they could survive the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. You can provide a package of food for a struggling family for $40.

Our Founders’ Challenge

Thank you for your generous support for Our Founders’ Challenge fund. This is a crucial part of our ability to serve in Haiti. It provides a key area of support for the Operating Expenses on the field. Ann and I are asking for your help. The mission field staff will need $125,000 to cover the Operating Expenses in Haiti in 2024. Your gifts large and small will allow them to serve effectively and accomplish this work. Click on the button below to give. Thank you!

Children need your help. Call us today at (305) 823-7516